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· Spill (SPCC) Plans

· Facility Inspections

· Tier II Filings

· Lease Brokerage

· Air Permitting

· Greenhouse Gas

· Berm Building/Erosion Control

· Oil Spill Reclamation/Remediation

· Compliance Training

We're much cheaper than the EPA!

A family-owned Oil & Gas compliance business

Littrell Industries, LLC, is a family-owned Oil & Gas compliance business which was formed in 2007.


Littrell Industries, LLC

P.O. Box 7444

Edmond, OK 73083


To contact us:

Phone Office/Fax: 405-340-2321

Phone (cell): 405-637-8930
E-mail: spcchelp@hotmail.com

 OR spcchelp@yahoo.com

Since that time, we have worked with numerous oil and gas operators in several states and EPA regions to maintain compliance with EPA requirements.

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