Did you know that only one gallon of spilled oil can contaminate one million gallons of water? This is a fact that the EPA takes very seriously.  So should you. 

40 CFR 112 requires owner/operators of non-transportation related Oil & Gas facilities that store, transfer, distribute, drill, produce, gather, or refine oil or oil products to have a spill plan if:

1. Due to the facility's location, it could reasonably be expected to discharge oil upon or into the navigable waters of the United States, and

2. The total aboveground storage capacity of the facility exceeds 1,320 gallons (31.5 barrels) considering all containers in the entire facility with an individual capacity of 55 gallons or more.

SPCC Plans

If the EPA wants to audit your compliance,

 are you ready?

Picture of booms laying across stream to contain oil spill.

Littrell Industries, LLC, has done hundreds of spill plans for dozens of clients in several states and EPA regions from West Virginia to western Wyoming and from North Dakota to Texas. 



· Updated to current Compliance standards

· Driving Directions Map provided by Delorme Map software

· Computer drawing of each lease

· Topographical Maps for each facility that shows the direction and flow to the nearest navigable water

The engineer that reviews and signs off on our spill plans is a Registered Professional Engineer with 40+ years experience in the oil field.  He has reviewed literally thousands of spill plans and is available to answer your questions about compliance. 

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A careful, complete analysis of the facility is done for each spill plan.

Littrell Industries employee measuring berm distance.

All facility information is carefully verified for each spill plan.

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Implementing your Spill Plan can help you avoid this scenario.

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According to the EPA, on-shore drilling platforms need SPCC plans.

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Littrell Industries, LLC spill plans come with several standard features for each spill plan including: