Facility Inspections

Annual written facility inspections are required by 40 CFR 112.7(e) as an integral part of compliance with the EPA. Records of inspections are to be kept with the SPCC plan for a period of 3 years. 





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Facility inspections is one area of compliance that really is to the advantage of the owner/operator to do and can potentially save you thousands of dollars in fines from the EPA by uncovering and addressing issues that need your attention.  When we do your inspections, you can “inspect” your facilities from the comfort of your own office and see in detail the exact condition of your facilities. 

Our inspections offer:

· An inspection checklist reviewed by a Registered Professional Engineer with 40+ years of experience.

· Inspections which are computer processed and professional looking. 

· Pictures of any issues that each lease might have are included in the actual inspection.  You don’t have to wonder what issues each facility has or how bad they are.  Littrell Industries leaves nothing to the imagination. 

Littrell Industries employee inspecting separator tank seals.

Littrell Industries, LLC has conducted inspections on hundreds of Oil and Gas facilities.

Breaches in Berms

Line Corrosion

Oil Leaks / Spills

Chemical Spills

Tank Erosion / Leakage

Loadline Leakage / Oil-Impacted Soil

No Net on Open Water Tank

Common problems found during facility inspections:

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